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After being kicked out of a restaurant in Durban, South Africa, our founder, Wandile Mthiyane, decided to take a stand against systemic racism. This decision led to the creation of the most unconventional DEI team on the planet. (link to youtube video on how it started)

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We help companies curate, nurture and measure inclusivity through Antiracist Hotdog Parties.


83% of millennials feel engaged when their company fosters an inclusive culture.

74% of millennials believe inclusive work cultures are more innovative

47% of millennials prioritize diversity when considering a future employer

Employees are a lot like the bun, they hold everything together, let’s  help you make sure they have all the nutrients they need, feel valued, safe and are happy, so they can continue being awesome! - Wandile M.


  • “It was such a pleasure to have Wandile speak at the International Baccalaureate African Education Festival in Johannesburg in February 2018. What poise! What intellectual curiosity!  He shared with such passion his learning journey  and the impact of educators in his life. His ability to draw on his life experiences  and the  manner  in which he was able to interweave it with the theme of the conference was amazing. What a star for the African continent!” -Adzo Ashie, IB African Development Manager

  • “We really enjoyed your presentation and found your insights invaluable to the conversations we are having as planners, architects, designers and global citizens. You gave us many good points to consider as we both design and navigate the places we inhabit and experience. We have had great feedback from our staff and we all really appreciated the discussion at the end.” -Deirdre Gould, Senior Director of Marketing, Hart Howerton

  • “Wandile speaks with strength and wisdom beyond his years, based on a wealth of diverse experience gained from studying and working in Africa and North America. He is a fierce advocate for social justice and inspires others to join him in fighting for people who have been most disempowered. His Anti-Racist message is sorely needed in these times where the world is becoming even more divisive.” -Saul Cobbing, Professor, University of Kwazulu-Natal

About Us

Story of Self:

Help each member of the company come to terms with their own history with race and how it is influencing them today. Based on this self-discovery and informed by a co-created aspirational vision, craft a future-looking story of self that offers a constructive trajectory for the full arc of their life.

Story of Us:

Study the company’s past and present and re-imagine the company’s future together, in order to identify the structural and cultural work that needs to occur in order to inhabit a positive story arc into the future.

Story of Others:

Look outward to identify the needs your organization is uniquely suited to address, and implement a framework for making progress along those lines in accordance with your story arc.

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