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Tired of the usual ugly designs or complicated hassles of hiring designers online? One of our specialties is meeting your designs needs with simple communication. We can help you find fresh ways to get ideas out in the market with fewer problems—and more visuals.

Who's MACC?

Hi there. I’m Moises Carmona, former creative director at Latium, with a bachelor’s in business management majoring in graphic design. In 2019, I started my freelance practice, which has given me the chance to design hundreds of digital and print pieces for brands around the world.

What I do?

Mostly, I design for startups, I specialize in branding, web design, UI/UX design, and visual development. I'm a profesional photographer so imagery is one of my strength communicating with solid images is what I do best, quality and meaning are essential. But communicating simply and clearly is a plus in all walks of life. So I also design for cryptocurrencies, hydro energy companies, financial institutions, pharma industry, and more.

Me at a glance

+ 40 Brands // I've designed for, often startups
2 Years // Teaching (ESL Teacher)
5 Years // Working at Latium Crypto
7 Years // Freelancing
MBA Degree // Majoring in Graphic Design

Design Services

Design thinking
Print Design
Identity & Branding
Keynote + Presentations
Vehicle Wraps
Photo and Video editing
Digital first strategy
User interface Design
User Experience
Lorinda Mamo, designer

"Design creates culture. Culture shapes values. Values determine the future"

our Approach

What MACC offers


Minimalistic Design

"Less is more" is a concept that I have adopted in the framework that I implement for the development of the graphic art boards that I develop, for great visuals I like to incorporate only what is necessary for the user to reach the desired content without so many complications or visual distractions.


I am fully capable of leading a team that involves customers, developers and users. I love to listen and I have the emotional intelligence to keep projects and ideas on track. I am good at transmitting confidence to the team. I strive to be self-disciplined, work excellently under pressure and try to manage time efficiently.


I have enough experience with invision to create fluid prototypes over the internet to test usability and flowcharts to validate how to improve performance with users.

Seamless Comunication

Thanks to my parents I am a native speaker in English and proficient in all aspects of the language: reading, understanding and I am always looking to improve it in the short term, I also speak Spanish and Portuguese (from Brazil).

Web and Mobile Development

Although I'm not a programmer I have good notions of how CSS/HTML structures and other web implementations are handled, I understand well the workflow of front and backend developers. And every time I keep working in contact with programmers I get to improve my understanding of the platforms they use.
Profesional Video Production

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